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February 12, 2017   2 – 4 PM

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4 Seasons in Littleton


 Long Lake: A Look Back to the Hey-Days

We were honored to receive a scrapbook of Lennie Adams’ that was full of photos and ephemera from his summers spent at Long Lake during its height of popularity in the 1920-1930’s.  Mr. Adams was a board member of the Society for many years and often spoke fondly of his time at the lake.  We used his words, from reminiscences he wrote, to tell the story of the lake area.

long lake old photo

Kitchen Memories


Some of our best memories center around the kitchen.   The current  exhibit of old and antique kitchen artifacts will feel like a trip back in time to Grandma’s house.   The exhibit includes a multiple of kitchen gadgets, old irons, butter churns, cookbooks, early 1900 engagement cups and more.

Cobb’s Pedigreed Chicks

Did you know that the world’s oldest poultry breeder, Cobb’s Pedigreed Chicks,  had its beginnings right here in Littleton?  In 1916 Robert Cobb, Sr purchased the Old Pickard Farm off Route 2A and immediately converted it from a dairy operation to poultry starting with two Barred Rock hens- Lydia and Emily.  Within four years, he had capacity to hatch 1,400 eggs and within ten years, he was the largest breeder of Barred Plymouth Rocks in New England.  In 1947, he began breeding a line of all white birds called White Rocks which provided the foundation for today’s pedigreed lines.   In 1959, Cobb’s became a global company with its first franchise in Europe.  In 1974, the company was purchased by the Upjohn Company and in 1986 the Littleton office was closed.   Cobb’s lives on as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tyson Foods, Inc.

Littleton resident Bill McPherson worked at Cobb’s for many years and he and his wife, Mary, maintained a friendship with Bobby Cobb,Jr.  He also collected many items from Cobb’s and as a collector of many interests, he has a number of poultry related artifacts.  His vast collection is on exhibit at the Museum through May.


Old toy exhibit

Take a trip down memory lane with antique trucks, dolls, games, books- and ‘who”  knows even some  “ting-tinglers and flung floopers”






Littleton Schools, Past & Present   April – October 2011

The current exhibit features 19th and 20th century photos, yearbooks, and artifacts of our local schools.  

school2 school1



Dollhouse Exhibit- April – August 2010

A perfect destination for school vacation week will be the Littleton Historical Society museum where our newest exhibit “Small Spaces: Dollhouses and Miniatures” opens Wednesday April 21.  This exhibit features old and new dollhouses, furniture, and outdoor scenes many lovingly made, and played with, by Littleton residents.  Featuring a replica of one of Littleton’s oldest homes, an extensive farm scene,and rooms in bookcases, you’ll enjoy discovering the amazing details of each one.  The display was extended through the end of August 2010.

Sports Exhibit:2009-2010

     Sports equipment and memorabilia from Littleton covering sports from every
season were on exhibit  October 2009-March 2010

Sewing Exhibit: 2006-2007

Old sewing items such as sewing machines, old needlework, old pattern books, needle books, other accouterments, etc. were on exhibit October 2006 – January 2007.

Evolution of Town Government: 2006

While sorting through our collection, we’ve come across a number of old town documents and have become intrigued that, in many cases, the only changes have been on the format of the documents.  Many of the offices and procedures used in the 1700s continue today.  This exhibit will trace town government from the days of the Massachusetts Bay Colony through the formation and progress of Littleton using town records to document various stages.   This interesting exhibit will be on display through the end of September 2006.

LHS Philatelic Show: 2006

This exhibit was really two in one:  Rotary on Stamps and Holograms.  Society board member, Don Sturtz and Littleton resident, Leonard Andexler, both serious philatelists displayed parts of their respective collections from March 2006 through May 2006.

The History of Fire Fighting: 2005

This was a display of antique fire fighting equipment, put together by James Ray of Littleton. The “History of Fire Firefighting” display was exhibited during the month of November in 2005.

Littleton: Then and Now

This was a physical exhibit during the month of October and is now permanently online. The project and resulting website was designed to be a companion to the Images of America: Littleton book which is available at the LHS. This online compendium was photographed by Andrew Bowers and Andrea Curran, who tracked down the locations of many of the scenes in the photographs in order to re-photograph them. They have risked life and limb standing in the middle of King Street at the Common to catch just the right angle or spent hours comparing the arrangement of stonewalls to determine exactly where a house had once stood. The website was designed and created by Nancy Bowers. Grab a copy of the book, visit this wonderful website, and begin comparing for yourself.

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