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Welcome to the Littleton Historical Society located in Littleton, Massachusetts. The Society was formed in 1894 by Herbert J. Harwood, George A. Sanderson, and Frank B. Priest and incorporated in 1896. Its purpose is to collect and preserve manuscripts, printed books, pamphlets, historical facts and relics, biographical anecdotes, and to stimulate research in local history.  Today, the Society thrives in the midst of a continually changing Littleton. 

The first home of the Society was at 333 King Street when Miss Marion Fitch gifted her home to be used as a museum. Later in 1991, the Town of Littleton leased the Houghton Memorial Building to the Society. This building is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

Your Membership with us is highly welcomed. Email us at Littleton.HistSociety@Verizon.net for a form or print a copy from our membership page. We’d also love to have you volunteer; for more information look under the “Support Us” tab.  Be sure to check out our projects. Do you like creating children’s activities? Do you enjoy setting up small historical displays? We can use your help with these and many other ideas.


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