300th Anniversary


If you live in or near Littleton, you’ll be able to pick up the book at the Society. Cost is $43 plus tax. If you want it shipped it costs $5.00 You can send a check or we can take credit card orders over the phone on Wednesday afternoons between 1 -4PM


It’s the 21st Century, the era of technology, why do we need a book about Littleton’s history?

In the first decade of the 21st century, the urge is to be connected – wired to what is happening around us. We also have a need to be connected to people and events of the past that have shaped us and the place where we live. Stories of the past give meaning to our lives, and are a key to understanding our place in the world.
Are there any books about Littleton’s history?

One urgent reason for publishing a book in 2014 is that there is no recent publication about the town history. The only book published about the town, An Historical Sketch of the Town of Littleton, was written by Herbert J. Harwood and printed 120 years ago in 1890. This book is available at the Reuben Hoar Library and the Historical Society. It can be accessed on-line:

Download PDF file at http://www.littletonma.org/filestorage/49/3596/6873/cu31924028838823.pdf

Read online at http://www.archive.org/stream/cu31924028838823#page/n0/mode/2up

Almost 50 years ago, Carolyn Webster wrote Highlights of Littleton’s History, a more recent account included in the 250th Anniversary Program Book in 1964. Copies of the paper-backed program are in the collections of the Reuben Hoar Library, and the Historical Society, but are not generally available elsewhere.

Much has happened in Littleton during the years that have intervened since these accounts were written. A current book should be written to include the events of the 20th century as a significant part of the town’s past. Another reason for re-examining our town’s history is that recent trends in historical research have expanded interest about people and topics that were not included in earlier accounts of the past. Uncovering stories about those who might have been overlooked before can enhance our understanding and appreciation of the past.

What about on-line sources?

Some information about the town’s history can be found by looking it up on-line. However, a glance at Wikipedia, for example, reveals inaccuracies about historical facts, and gaps in information that present a distorted version of the town’s past. Generally, historical accounts on-line do not provide sources of information and hence cannot be researched. Instead, the material is a collection of unreliable fragments pasted together and unrelated to historical events taking place at the time.

Why not publish a book for Littleton’s 300th Anniversary?

Littleton’s Tercentenary provides us with a once-in-a-lifetime occasion to celebrate our hometown. It’s the perfect opportunity to create a long-lasting and significant contribution to benefit the town. Writing and publishing a book will take time, effort, thought, and money. However, the value of the Tercentenary Book far outweighs the costs.

To celebrate the 300th Anniversary, it is now time to prepare an inclusive, accurate, and up-to date record of the events and people that shaped the town where we live.

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