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Littleton, MA was incorporated as a town in 1714 and was initally known as Nashoba. The name Littleton was adopted a year later. The Littleton Historical Society has hundreds of photographs going back to the mnid-19th century that document the community that developed over time in Littleton. Many of these photographs were published in the book "Images of America: Littleton", published by Arcadia Publishing in 2002. Subsequently, Andrew Bowers and Andrea Curran spent a year researching and recreating many of the scenes depicted. This website provides a unique comparison of Littleton as it was then, with as it is now.

In analyzing the difference between each pair of photos, the viewer can learn much about the nature of change in a New England town. Below on the left is the Littleton Depot circa 1930 and again, on the right, more than 60 years later. While the building remains essentially the same, its use has obviously changed. It can be a game with each set to find the more subtle changes, for instance the change in windows on the upper end of the building. Each section to the left has a click-able map that you may use to navigate to the various locations. Alternatively, there is an Index of Photographs available.

~ 2014 UPDATE! ~

A new section of Littleton: Then and Now project has been added in commemoration of Littleton's 300th Anniversary. Postcards: Then and Now is an exhibit of some of the Littleton Historical Society's old postcards presented in the Then and Now format. Enjoy!