Postcards: Then and Now
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This portion of the Then and Now Photo Project is devoted to the postcards in the collection of the Littleton Historical Society. It is both a direct outgrowth of the original Then and Now project as well as being part of the Littleton Tercentennial Celebrations for 2014.

After the publication in 2002 of the Littleton edition of "Images of America", Andrew Bowers and Andrea Curran separately came up with the idea of rephotographing Littleton in the current day to create a comparison with the historical photographs in the Historical Society's collection. Together they made this a reality, though it took over a year to create the "Now" collection. This involved not only locating the site of each photo, but also the location of the photographer who took the original photo.

This same process came into play during 2013 when the Society's postcards were rephotographed. There was more than a little discussion about the location of some of the postcards with the "Mary Foley House" presenting one of the more difficult conundrums -- while it may be clear from the project that the NOW house truly is the THEN postcard, much of that is due to careful framing and subsequent cropping. Generally, and not unexpectedly, neighborhoods had greatly changed --buildings had come and gone and more particularly trees and shrubs had grown in or been cut down -- take for instance the unfortunate planting of yews at the Porter Road Bridge.

As with the original Then and Now Project, this current addition was only accomplished with the technical and artistic expertise of Nancy Bowers, who created the website. It allows the viewer to select a site and to simply scroll back and forth from the old postcard to its present-day view. Additional thanks are due to Historical Society Curator Carolyn Mueller who first suggested using the Society's postcard collection and who was instrumental in scanning the originals for use online.

By comparing the past with the present one can learn and understand more than if you simply looked at one or the other. It is hoped that these Then and Now postcards, along with the original photo project, will encourage people to have a good look at how things in Littleton have changed -- what is gone, what remains and what is different about them.

Andrew Bowers
January, 2014