Littleton Pandemic Anecdotes Questionnaire

Project Coordinator Andrew T. Bowers
Littleton Historical Society

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    Selections from this survey will be published on the Littleton Historical Society website over the next year.

    Please feel free to skip over any section you don’t feel like answering.

    2. Did you or any of your immediate family contract COVID?

    3. If yes, what were their symptoms?

    4. Did anyone you know outside of your family contract COVID?

    5. If yes, what were their symptoms?

    6. What was your initial reaction to the pandemic?

    7. How did this change over time?

    8. How did your routine change due to the pandemic?

    9. What was the most annoying thing to you about the pandemic?

    10. Did you ever feel unsafe during the pandemic?

    11. If so, what were these circumstances?

    12. How did you see the pandemic affect local businesses—what worked and what didn’t?

    13. How did you see the pandemic affect the Town schools and were you effected by the schools’ new protocols?

    14. How did you see the pandemic affect the work of Town offices, the library, et cetera?

    15. How did you see the pandemic affect local churches?

    16. Was there any upside to the pandemic for you?

    17. If so, what were these?

    18. Now, knowing what you do, what do you wish you had done differently either at the beginning or during the pandemic?

    19. Share, if you like, a story that relates a specific event during the pandemic either in your home or around town:

    20. Share any other information that you think pertinent about the pandemic—-something that future generations should know:

    21. Share how you reacted emotionally to the pandemic and how your feelings changed over time:

    Thank you so much for participating in this survey and project. You will be part of the history of the pandemic as future generations read your accounts and reactions and learn firsthand what this time has been like in Littleton.

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