History of the Nashobah Praying Indians

New Book about Littleton: History of the Nashobah Praying Indians

The town of Littleton was originally the 1654 Praying Indian Plantation of Nashobah, and the Nashobah tribe its people.  Told in its entirety for the first time, this is the story of the Nashobah Praying Village and the Nashobah Praying Indians.

About the book:
Littleton, Massachusetts was originally the Praying Indian Plantation of Nashobah. Prior to 1654 it was the Native village of Nashope under Chief Tahattawan, a Massachusett Federation Sagamore. For the first time ever, the history of the Nashobah Praying Indians is told here in full, from 1654 to 1736. It is a story of suffering and loss, of a people who kept both their faith and heritage in the face of encroachment, war, and disease. The History of the Nashobah Praying Indians begins at the roots of the Praying Indian experiment, follows the doings and sufferings through King Philip’s war and Deer Island, and the long decline afterwards as the Plantation was sold off bit by bit, eventually to become the town of Littleton.

It has been more than 280 years since Wunnuhhew (Sarah Doublet), the last of the Nashobah Praying Indians that lived in Nashobah, passed away, and the Plantation was lost. Hear her story, and the story of all the Nashobah Praying Indians told in full for the first time in the History of the Nashobah Praying Indians, Doings, Sufferings, Survival, and Triumph, Book 1.

The Nashobah Praying Indians are alive and well in the world, and are still Praying Indians more than 350 years later.
This is their story.

Books may be purchased on amazon.com. $18.95 or at the Littleton Historical  Society  $20

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