Facts and Photos

Fun Facts

  • The roof area is approximately 2500 sq ft or in roofing terms 25 “square”. Each square measures 10′ by 10′.
  • It takes 280 slates, 8″ x 16″ to cover one square or over 7000 slates to cover the entire roof. 
  • Slate is much more durable and long-lasting than other roofing materials and is substantially heavier.  The weight of slates on one square exceeds 700 lbs!
  • All metal components on the roof are solid 20 oz copper. 
  • The flashings, valleys, ridges, hips, gutters, braces, brackets and drip edges are all custom made on site with specialized metal forming equipment. 
  • The profiles and shapes of the new copperwork are being replicated as near as possible to those original to the building when built in 1895.
  • The chimney will be rebuilt back to its 1895 profile.

Photos: The first eight days!

Views from the first eight days of repair on the Houghton Memorial Building roof. Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view.

Bareroof2 Newcopperflashing Newslate OutwiththeoldPreparationsbegin Shinycoppergutters Preparingroof Signgoesup

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