Membership program May 19, 2016   7:30PM   Congregational Church 330 King St

The Art of Littleton’s Cemeteries- presented by Carolyn Mueller
You may think of a cemetery as strictly a utilitarian place where we bury our dead, or a peaceful park we visit during a funeral or Memorial Day.  Bit it could also be thought of as a museum of local folk art and customs that have evolved over time.   In this slide show, we trace the evolution of gravestone “art” and our outlook on life and death from the Colonial period to present day.

The Littleton Historical Society is a private, non profit organization devoted to the preservation of Littleton’s history, the dissemination of information, and the promotion of interest in local history

300th Book

300 BookTo celebrate the 300th Anniversary, the Historical Society has published a book Littleton Massachusetts 1714-2014 Celebrating 300 Years of History. To purchase, click below.

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What’s New

WhatsNewCheck out the new link to the Littleton’s Historic Markers, a page of photos you can click on to see larger, created by Littleton resident and volunteer, Tom Howes.

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Littleton Then & Now

ThenNowThe Littleton Then & Now  project was created by volunteers Andrew Bowers and Andrea Curran, showing historical pictures alongside current day views of Littleton.

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Video – Littleton 300th Bus Tour


Membership in the Littleton Historical Society is a great way to support the preservation of,  and to become a part of, the rich history of our town.

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New tour in spring.  Time and date to be announced soon.

Membership Program The Art of Littleton’s Cemeteries presented by Carolyn Mueller.   7:30pm at the Congregational Church, 330 King St, Littleton, MA